A career in Beauty Academy

A career in Beauty Academy

A career in Beauty Academy

The beauty field with all its charm remains always generous with rewards and opportunities. Today beauty profession is most consistently expanding, changing, and ever-fascinating industry. There is no limit to potential if you have a strong spirit and permeability and you can achieve big and soon in this industry. None other industry demands qualified, ambitious, and well-trained graduates on a continuous basis. No other industry offers such brilliant opportunities for anyone to start a business or to become self-independent. Your artistic work makes you one that can change anyone’s life by realizing their beauty after changing their looks. Success stories are not built in a day your passion always demands hard work, strong determination, and patience. You must put long hours into learning and creating to be successful.

Here are important things you may know before starting a career.

What to know?

Before entering in any profession, you must know about the skills. You must train in required skills. Expert guidelines and right set of skills can be helpful in the foundation of solid career.

Where you go before?

For proper and recognized certification and right skills you must join a well reputed institute. In this regard, local beauty parlor will not help you for longer run. Best beauty school in Delhi is SMA makeup academy.

Why you need a course?

Beauticians will ask a question why you need course, why you cannot start your career as beginner. A proper course can teach you all aspects of any profession to meet all its needs. 

When you start?

If you want to start a Career In Beauty Academy industry you should start just after completing level 10. Choose the course According to your interest. If you are a beginner you must choose the comprehensive course, and if you are already in that profession you can choose short-term courses for quick skill-building.


Nail technician

They are also referred as nail professionals. They have expertise in nail art, form designs, extensions, tips, wraps, manicures, pedicures, polishing to visitors.

Massage therapist

They give services by using touch to work on the muscle and other soft tissues of the body. With touch they can relieve pain, stress, heal injuries, to improve circulation, relaxation and help in general wellness.

Make-up artist

A make-up artist applies make-up and offers facials and facial massages in their services. A makeup artist can change anyone s appearance dramatically with make-up. A make-up artist can start a career in television, theatre, fashion shows, commercial photography, and in many other fields.

Advanced nail technology

In this technology a license is issued to the technician or other professional who has completed advanced training in aseptically working for protection from the transfer of infections.

Hair stylist

Hair stylist offers many services related to hair i.e., coloring, cutting, shampooing, and styling and hair treatments and extensions. They also guide their clients how to care at home of hairs. Best hair style course in Delhi is self-hair styling course, advance hair styling course, hair stylist course and training, pro advanced hair stylist course


Aesthetician also known as beauty therapist. They give a wide range of services including facial, full body massage, neck and head massage, waxing, hair removal through laser and make-up applications. 


They mostly serve male client. They give services of shampooing, hair cutting, treatment, coloring, scalp treatment and shaving facials. 

Image consultant

They serve their client by improving their overall look through styling, makeup and by giving the beauty tips for their skin.


They guide their client how they can enhance your beauty by using few cosmetics. Best cosmetology courses in Delhi are INTERNATIONAL COSMETOLOGY LICENSED(ICL), INTERNATION ESTHETIC LISENCED (ICL), CIBTAC INTERNATIONAL DIPLOMA FROM UK, 


They are medical doctors and have specialization in skin, nail, and hair.

Eyelash technician

They give services to the clients who are crazy about fluttery eyelashes.

Product developer

They can mockup or test the new products and give beauty range. If anyone have a passion about consistencies, formulas, and textures he can develop a career in making skin care and beauty products.

PR specialist in beauty

A PR can place a brand in best light possible to increase a brand popularity. For this purpose, they use their best interpersonal skills.

Spa owner

They have all business skills to meet all the necessaries. They are responsible for all the tasks and financials in any salon.

cosmetic surgeon

They also known as plastic surgeon. They serve their clients by giving them surgical or non-surgical treatments to enhance their beauty.


A model may be the brand ambassador of any brand and take part in many campaigns of that brand. This career needs specific physical requirements.


He is specialist in color treatments. And usually hired by salons in color department for giving services.

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