Reception Makeup Package

Reception Makeup Package

Master Class Hairstyling

Nothing transcends learning the professional art of hairstyling from those that are established professionals of the industry. At UK International Academy, we are committed to offering our students the best.

Our master class allows students to expand their knowledge of hairstyling by learning from India’s highly rated stylist, UK International. You will learn in-depth scientific techniques of hairstyling from him. He brings to you industry-wide experience and knowledge that will make you have a deep and informed understanding of hairstyling to enable you to stand out from others.


Part of what you will be taught by UK International includes:


  • How to select the right hair product for different hair types and textures
  • How to set hair correctly and place the curls perfectly
  • How to use long-lasting curling techniques with various sizes of curling tongs
  • How to select the right colour, texture, and length of hair extensions
  • How to dress and brush out hair to achieve red-carpet-worthy Bollywood waves


After completing the class you will be awarded a certificate

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